At Lord of Hosts, we believe...

…in the Trinity of God and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Born of the virgin Mary, He came to earth in human form, was crucified, died and was buried. He was resurrected on the third day and later ascended into Heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of God.
…in the authority of Jesus’ Name to which every knee shall bow and that the Name of Jesus brings victory over the power of evil.
…all mankind is guilty of sin, but the gift of forgiveness and salvation are free for those who call on Jesus for forgiveness of sin, thereby making Jesus Christ their personal Lord and Savior.
...both heaven and hell are a reality. Hell is a place of eternal punishment and heaven a place of eternal blessing. Spending eternity in Heaven is based on your decision to invite Jesus Christ into your life and make Him your Lord.
…in the reality and personality of Satan and his demons, who are the enemy of our God and His church.
…the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the truth by which we live.
…in water baptism by immersion in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
…in the Lord’s Supper, commonly Communion, for believers as was practiced by the early church.
…that the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues is available for every believer today and that the gifts of the Spirit as seen in 1 Corinthians 12-14 manifest today.
…in divine healing and that healing of the whole person is available today which includes physical healing from sickness and disease.
…in the Second coming of Jesus Christ both in His personal coming for His church and also to judge the world and reign in Supreme Majesty forever.


Hank Kunneman Senior Pastor
Ministry:  Founded Lord of Hosts on March 23, 1997, and One Voice Ministries in 1996
Family:  Brenda (wife - married July, 1989); Matthew and Jonathan (sons)
Born again:  June 1985 in childhood home
Bible Characters:  Joshua
Scriptures:  Jude 1:20
Book:  How to Draw Cartoons by Preston Blair, The Daily Prophecy by Brenda Kunneman
Magazines:  Model Railroader
Hobbies:  Model trains, drawing cartoons
Food: Ribs and Spaghetti, and of course…Wendy’s!
Dessert:  Cookie Dough ice cream and French Silk Pie
Movies:  Passion of the Christ, The Rocky Series, and Rocketman
Recreation:  Camping & napping
Sports/Team:  Football and The Nebraska Cornhuskers
TV Show:  College Football
Things to do:  Preach God’s Word, minister with my wife Brenda, and shop on Ebay
Memories:  My salvation, getting married, and the births of my two sons
Thing to do:  Shopping and getting out of bed when it’s raining
Season:  Winter
Food:  Most seafood, olives, and sauerkraut
Color:  Yellow
What people may not know about me:  I love to fire up my snow blower for the first snow, and work in the yard in the spring.
Brenda Kunneman Senior Pastor
Ministry:  Joined the Lord of Hosts Church staff in October of 1998
Family:  Hank (husband - married July 1989); Matthew and Jonathan (sons)
Born again:  November 1981
Bible Characters:  Paul
Scriptures:  Acts 10:38
Magazines:  Most home decorating and cooking magazines
Hobbies:  Home decorating and cooking
Food:  Lobster, steak and all kinds of olives
Candy:  Red licorice and Butterfinger
Accomplishment:  Becoming a published author, raising children
Recreation:  Camping & shopping
Sports/Team:  Football, The Nebraska Cornhuskers and Green Bay Packers
TV Show:  House Hunters International
Things to do:  Enjoying my home and getting to work full time in the ministry
Color:  Red
Thing to do:  Unload the dishwasher, fold socks
Month:  February – it’s usually cloudy, wet and cold and I am just tired of winter
Food:  Meatloaf and Hamburger Helper
What people may not know about me:  I don’t talk much in the morning until I have had coffee
Christy Hair Executive & Worship Pastor
Ministry:  Executive and Worship Pastor, Media Production
Family:  Shane (husband - married October, 2004); Cadence and Allison (daughters)
Born again:  at 6 years old and filled with the Holy Spirit at 9 years old
Bible Characters:  Peter
Scriptures:  Phil. 3:14
Magazines:  Food Network Magazine
Hobbies:  Cooking and decorating
Color:   Red
Food:  My husband’s grilled steak (virtually anything grilled)
Dessert:   anything with dark chocolate
Movies:  Pride & Prejudice
Recreation:  Shopping at NFM, being outdoors, shooting guns
Sports/Team:  Green Bay Packers
TV Show:  Property Brothers
Season:  Fall and Spring
Things to do:  Hanging out with family and singing with Cadence.
Thing to do:  scrubbing the shower
Season:  Winter
Food:  Raisins
What people may not know about me:  I have lived in Guam and Italy.
Shane Hair Media & Worship Pastor
Ministry:  Media Director and Worship Pastor
Family:  Christy (wife - married October, 2004); Cadence and Allison (daughters)
Born again:  at 5 years of age
Bible Characters:  David
Scriptures:  Phil. 4:13
Hobbies:  Sport Shooting
Color:   Black
Food: Ribs, steak
Dessert:  love sweets – homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies any baked goods
Sports/Team:  Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Chiefs
TV Show:  Top Shot
Things to do:  Spending time with family, camping
Season:  Winter
Food:  mushrooms
Color:  I live with 3 girls PINK is my least favorite color
Doug Daniels Associate Pastor, Administration & Pastoral Care
Ministry:  Associate Pastor, Administration and Pastoral Care
Family:  Eileen (wife - married April, 1987), Hannah (daughter), Ryan (son)
Born again:  at the age of 5
Bible Characters:  Daniel
Scriptures:  Isaiah 54:10, Matthew 6:33
Book:  Driven By Eternity
Hobbies:  Vehicle restoration and resale
Food: Prime rib, grilled chicken (white meat) & tomato basil soup
Dessert:  Rhubarb Custard Pie, Wheatfield's Cinnamon Rolls
TV Show:  Perry Mason
Movie:  The Bridge On The River Kwai

Season:  Winter
Food:  Liver

What people may not know about me:  I've traveled to 43 of the fifty states and desire to get to all 50 someday soon!
Mike Magrans Youth Pastor, Creative Manager & Pastoral Care
Ministry:  Associate Pastor, Creative Arts & Pastoral Care
Born again: August 1989 & Water Baptized August 1998

Bible Characters:  Joseph & Elijah
Scriptures:  Galatians 2:20, Romans 12:1-2
Hobbies:  Theater (both watching and performing)
Color:    Blue (not to be stereotypical)
Food:   Falafel (w/ Baba Ghanoush) and NY style pizza
Dessert:    Haven’t met one I didn’t like
Music:  Shane & Shane (Shane Bernard & Shane Everett; Not meaning Pastor Shane, although I sure am a fan of his music lol)
App:  LOH Church (of course!), Empires and Allies, 2048!
Recreation:  Table Tennis (aka Ping-Pong) and Bowling
Sports/Team:  Baseball (NY Yankees),  Football (NY Giants/Miami Dolphins), and Tennis
TV Show:  Anything on ESPN; Property Brothers & Fixer Upper (yes, I’ll admit that!)
Season:  WINTER!!!
Things to do:  PLAY ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!!, Ride the subway / walk in crowded places and observe

Thing to do:  Mow the lawn
Sound: Nails on a chalkboard!
Season:  Summer, Summer, and Summer
Food:  Pickles; Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Rye Bread......... REUBENS are my ENEMY!

What people know about me:  I’m a lefty Cuban that loves (and is maybe obsessed with) Math
What people may not know about me:  I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes


April Hair Children's Ministry
Area of Ministry:  Children’s Ministries Director (infants thru 11 year olds)
Scriptures:  1 Cor. 15:57-58 
Book:  A Fly Went By (children’s book)
Color:  Red 
Food:  Pizza
Dessert:  anything chocolate
Movies:  The Sound of Music, Sing in the Rain
Recreation:  Going to the zoo
Season:  Fall
Things to do:  Play with my nieces 
Place in the world: Colorado
Thing to do:  Clean a microwave
Season:  Summer
Food:  Bread


North America

Lord of Hosts Community Outreach
Lord of Hosts Church reaches out to the local community through its many outreach efforts and community events.  Our outreach team hosts a monthly food pantry, multiple holiday food drives and a yearly school supply drive in addition to periodic outreaches for disaster relief in our area.  Outreach events not only provide food and supplies for families in need, but include opportunity for people to receive prayer and ministry.  Check the bulletin for upcoming LOH outreach events and how to participate or become a volunteer to touch people with the love of Jesus.

Heartland Hope Mission
Lord of Hosts Church has been an ongoing supporter of Heartland Hope Mission in Omaha Nebraska for more than 15 years.  Heartland Hope is Nebraska’s largest food pantry that serves over 40,000 clients each year.  In addition to financial support, LOH Church hosts a monthly satellite pantry and regularly mobilizes the congregation to not only volunteer, but to also support mission donation drives and events.   LOH church also organizes prayer and ministry on Saturdays to meet the spiritual needs of the mission’s clients.

Read more here:


Child Legacy International – Zimbabwe & Malawi

Lord of Hosts Church has supported the outreach efforts of Child Legacy International Inc. for more than a decade.  Child Legacy is a Christian non-profit organization working in Africa to transform lives by providing opportunities that break the generational cycle of poverty and despair, and support each person’s pursuit of their God-given destiny.

Read more here:

Mike Keyes Ministries International – The Philippines

We consider it a great honor to partner with our friends in ministry from Mike Keyes Ministries International in The Philippines.  MKMI has served The Philippines Islands for more than 30 years, by preaching the Word of God and has been a leader in mission outreaches and disaster relief in countless towns and small villages.

Read more here:

Convoy of Hope

Lord of Hosts Church and One Voice Ministries ( regularly supports Convoy of Hope’s efforts to feed the world.  We are privileged to add our part to an organization that has distributed millions of pounds of food and water across the globe since 1994.

Read more here:

Christians United for Israel - CUFI

We are a ministry that strongly believes in the importance of supporting Israel according to Genesis 12:3, I will bless those who bless you.  We are a proud partner with Christians United for Israel, a leading organization that promotes awareness, pro-Israel perspectives, prayer, and ongoing vocalization in the support of the Jewish state.

Read more here:

The Daystar Television Network

Our ministry financially supports The Daystar Television Network’s extensive outreach efforts in the Israel.  Daystar is the currently the only Christian television network available full time on HOT cable and Yes satellite in all of Israel and is covering the Holy Land with the Gospel.  In addition to multiple charitable outreaches in the Holy Land, Daystar’s House of Hope is providing housing to survivors of the Holocaust.

The LOH Experience

Building Campaign


Lord of Hosts Church is truly a church that is changing lives, not only in the surrounding community, but all over the world. Each week, we receive countless testimonies about how LOH is making a difference in someone’s life. Whether it be someone receiving salvation, healing, or prophetic ministry, we are blessed each time someone receives a touch from the Lord through this ministry.  Therefore, the need for a larger space where people can encounter the miraculous power of God, is a great one! Whether on Sunday, at conferences, special events, or during one of our community outreaches, our vision is to see lives changed by the power of God!

As a ministry, we are committed to ministering to people right here at this beautiful Omaha campus, and to reaching people worldwide through the power of media. Lord of Hosts Church is taking the prophetic word around the world and offering hope and faith to viewers through television and internet. Through media missions, thousands are receiving ministry, with Sunday services alone averaging over 20,000 unique online views weekly! Expanding our studio will expand our ability to do more to reach the masses!

Construction Phase III

With phases I & II of construction complete, which included the southwest exterior, Connect Center and chapel, we are now setting our sights on construction Phase III. Phase III will include a new worship auditorium with seating for 1,200 and an adjacent media studio, all on the north end of our building. The first part of this phase will include demolition that will allow the new area to be connected from inside the current facility. From there we will move toward drawing up construction and engineering documents, followed by the physical construction.

See the Difference!

The key phrase that the Lord has put in our hearts for this new decade is that it will be a decade of difference. This decade will reveal a distinct time where God’s goodness will be seen over our lives and nation on a whole new level. It’s a time when God will set His people apart and mark them for blessing. During this historic new era, we need to stretch our faith for miracles, increase, and signs and wonders like never before! We need to expect the goodness of God to rest upon us and know that His blessing upon our lives will be very obvious! It will also be a decade marked by God where we’ll see a harvest like we’ve never seen before, and we believe it’s no coincidence that we are completing one of our building remodel’s most important phases during this time.

The Time is NOW!

The time for us to begin and complete Phase III is now! We must build a place of worship with sufficient room for the harvest that God is bringing. Our church has already outgrown its current auditorium and on several occasions, we have had to use the chapel for overflow. We need this new space as soon as possible so we can minister to the harvest of souls that is coming and have plenty of room to allow the Holy Spirit to move during services. Quite simply, our current worship space is no longer sufficient for this purpose. It’s time for people to come to Lord of Hosts Church and have ample space to experience the distinct difference the Lord is bringing in this decade! 

You Can Make the Difference

Your generous support will help this vision of faith become a reality.  View your pledge or gift today as an investment in souls who need salvation, healing, and a miraculous touch from the Spirit of God. We need dedicated individuals like you who desire to see the hungry and thirsty have a place where they can come and receive a tangible touch from the Lord. As you give today, we are also confident that your investment in others will bring God’s mighty harvest back into your life during this new decade of difference. As you give your gift, know that we are also declaring a decade of difference of God’s goodness upon you and your family!




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